Worship at Christ Lutheran

Each week, members of Christ Lutheran gather in God's house to receive the Lord's gifts. The Lord's gifts of his word and of his true body and blood give the forgiveness of sins. They also strengthen faith. These divine gifts allow members to depart Godís house each week in peace and gladness, with the assurance of sins forgiven and with renewed strength for daily living.

In the corporate worship setting, Christ Lutheran Church uses hymns and historic orders of services found in "Lutheran Service Book." These formal orders of services clearly focus time in God's house on human sinfulness and on Christ's perfect life, death, and resurrection. In accordance with Lutheran tradition, Christ Lutheran's vocal choir regularly contributes to worship by leading Psalms and singing other liturgical parts of the service, as well as by teaching new hymns and singing appropriate anthems.

Worship, however, extends beyond one hour per week in God's house. In response to God's gracious forgiveness of sins on account of Jesus Christ, members engage in a life proclaiming the faith given and nourished through word and sacrament. This life of thanks, praise, good works, and prayer focuses on serving God and the people God places in members' lives.

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A Guide to the Divine Service: An Explanation of Our Liturgy (pdf, 140 KB)

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